Saturday, January 28, 2012

Forsaken World: The Merchant Caravan in Lunagrant

The Merchant Caravan (Merchant Convoy Leader) is a random spawn NPC that paths around Lunagrant Woodlands in Forsaken World.

If you happen upon it, you can get one of several quests that net you some EXP or a title. Also, helping the Merchant Caravan is part of an achievement if you're into that.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Forsaken World: A Guide to Special Bait Fishing

Once you hit level 6 Fishing in Forsaken World, there's an achievement "World Fisherman" you can get by fishing at various points with Special Bait.

What is Special Bait?

Special Bait is bait used to fish up special items and regular fish in certain areas. Unfortunately, the game doesn't tell you where these points are.

Fortunately for you, I've been fishing about and recording my catches which you can reference to below.

How to Get Special Bait

You can either buy Special Bait from other players or the AH. Otherwise, you'll have to make your own. To get the recipe, you'll have to fish up Crystal Shells from Rainbow Island (where the Puppet of Storms are located).

The fish rate of Crystal Shells are pretty poor and it may take you several days to get the 20 Crystal Shells needed to exchange with Dotoro for one of several Special Bait recipes.

Special Bait can also be traded with Hemmer in 100 count allotments for special titles and rewards.