Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Marvel Avengers Alliance: New X-Force Uniforms

Summary - limited-time Uncanny X-Force Uniforms available for Deadpool, Psylocke, Wolverine each granting a bonus to other Uncanny X-Force members. Fantomex and X-Force Angel get slight updates to grant a similar bonus.

Uncanny X-Force
Wolverine formed the one of the latest incarnations of Uncanny X-Force. Its purpose: to deal with the threats that the X-Men could not... or would not.

Marvel Avengers Alliance: PVP Season 16 Patch Notes

PVP Season 16


Diamond Reward: Satellite Support
• Buff, Tech
• Team Passive
o Eye in the Sky

• Ignores Distraction and Disoriented effects
• Special Properties
o Customized

• Power is set by Agent level when acquired

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Task List to Recruit Shanna

There are 8 task in all you need to complete before you can unlock Shanna for recruitment (unlike Spec Ops or PVP heroes, you still need 90 CP to recruit Covert Ops heroes).

Here are the 8 tasks:

Marvel Avengers Alliance: "Call of the Wild" Covert Ops Patch Notes

There's a new Covert Ops up in Marvel Avengers Alliance. Complete it before July 7th to be able to recruit Shanna AKA The She-Devil.

Here are the patch notes for the "Call of the Wild" Covert Ops:

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Tips for Beating Hybrid Group Boss in Spec Ops 18

I tried various combos in dealing with the Hybrid Group Boss of Spec Ops 18 and the best I could come up without spending any Gold was this:

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Spec Ops 18 Task List

Task List for Spec Ops 18 to Unlock and Recruit Anti-Venom.

Task Progress Rewards:

5 Tasks   - Blueprint: Antiserum Bomb
10 Tasks - Blueprint: Sonic Sword
15 Tasks - Blueprint: Supersonic Sword
20 Tasks - Blueprint: Net-Caster
25 Tasks - Anti-Venom

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Spec Ops 18 Patch Notes

    Spec Ops 18 Patch Notes

    Special Operation 18: Symbiosis

    Briefing - The discovery of a few dead symbiotes was only the beginning: Carnage, Venom, Scream, Hybrid and Anti-Venom have arrived on the scene. Along with the mysterious appearance of a new batch of Test Subjects, Spider-Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. look for help in the most unlikely places.