Forsaken World Acronym Reference

Here's a list of commonly used acronyms in Forsaken World in case you feel a bit lost. It is by no means exhaustive but it should cover quite a bit.

AC - Ancestral Catacombs
ANC - Advanced Nightmare Carnival
AoS - Arena of Souls
AS - Aeon Spire
b/o - buy out
c/o - current offer
CoW - Chamber of Wind
CV - Creekbank Valley
EC - Emperor's Canyon
EB - Eternal Belief
FK - Fort Khoaway
FP - Forgotten Prison
FR - Fort Rotulor
GBQ - guild base quest
GL - Glistening Lowlands
GoS - Gauntlet of Storms
GT - God's Trial
GTR - guild trade run
HoA - Hall of Aspen
IP or CVIP - Creekbank Valley: Immortal Pool
IR - Immortal Rift
LCS - LCS Skybreaker
LFG - looking for group
LFM - looking for more
LH - Lighthouse
m - prefix designation for mentor, i.e. mGT = mentor God's trial, mAoS = mentor Arena of Souls, etc.
NC - Nightmare Carnival
OAC - Outer Ancestral Catacombs
SI - self-invite
SoL - Shrine of Light
ToG - Tomb of Glory
TOK - Tomb of Kings
Wade - Wade's Fishing Hole
WP - Water Prison
WC - Wraith Castle
Welkins - Welkin Castle
WTS - want to sell
WTB - want to buy