Saturday, November 3, 2012

Forsaken World: How to Get Gold If You Hate Selling

If you hate selling things and you're not a cash shopper, there aren't too many ways to get gold in Forsaken World. But, that doesn't mean there aren't any ways.

Here's a list of quests/instances you can do for gold:

- Nightmare Carnival - Three Times a Week - You can do a quest from Meid up to a number of times up to level 60 where you trade in Carnival Tokens for Gold. Meid is located on Rainbow Island.
- Harbor Crisis - Daily - The quest from Gil Silenttown on the ship in the harbor will give you a couple of gold (2g, 4s) if you manage to finish it 80 times.
- Hope of the Sage - Weekly - this Thursday weekly event will give gold and each stage to the first 100 people who complete it each week.
- Fishing Master - Daily - The quest from Nousen the Big Eye will reward you with some gold if you manage to get to collect 250 points worth of fish.
- Treasure Seeker Henry - There's also a quest that rewards you with 10 gold in the Hazed Wilderness from Treasure Seeker Henry. It's available at level 60 and can only be done once. You just have to collect 10 snake gallbladders from Flying Serpents. You'll find Henry north along the road to the Hall of Mist.

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