Friday, November 30, 2012

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Spec Ops 5 Patch Notes

Spec Ops 5 is out for Marvel Avengers Alliance (MAA). The hero up for grabs this time around is Valkyrie who can save your characters from being KO'd.

Here are the notes:

Story: Loki is using Iso-8 to seize the minds and souls of the people of New York. Asgard has sent S.H.I.E.L.D. some backup in the form of one of their greatest warriors: Valkyrie.
  • Spec Ops 5 is live!
    • New Hero - Valkyrie
    • Earn Valkyrie for completing all 25 tasks in Special Operation 5
    • Passive - Shield Maiden
      • Valkyrie protects party members who are low on health from single-target attacks
      • This may not trigger if the target is protected by Deathwatch or if Valkyrie is low on health
    • Passive - Escort of Souls
      • Valkyrie gains health when an ally falls in combat or when an ally is saved by Deathwatch
    • Geirr
      • Single-target enemy, 2 hits
      • Desperation attack
        • Does more damage depending on how low Valkyrie’s Health is
    • Dragonfang
      • Single-target enemy, 3 hits
      • Deathglow
        • Valkyrie places a mark on the enemy, sensing their impending death
        • When the target with Deathglow falls in combat, Valkyrie gains Blessing of Odin, restoring some health
      • Charged Attack
        • Triggers Static Charge on nearby enemies
    • Sacrifical Blessing
      • All allies, buff, 3 round cooldown
      • Deathwatch
        • The next time a character with Deathwatch would be KO’ed, they are instead healed to 25% Health
        • Valkyrie is guaranteed to gain Deathwatch on herself
        • Other party members also have a chance to gain Deathwatch
    • Flight of Valkyrie
      • All enemies, 1 hit
      • Off-balance
        • Removes and prevents Counter-Attack effects

Spec Op 5 Bosses
The renegade Asgardians have new tricks up their sleeves!
  • Enchantress: Now has Jotun bodyguards that need to be KO’ed... unless you can slip by them!
    • Chance to drop the FLASHING EYE
      • Customized
        • Power is set by Agent level when acquired
      • Enchanted
        • The next attack will restore damage instead of causing damage
  • Executioner: Now switches attack stances, giving him different strengths and weaknesses
    • Chance to drop the SCREAMER
      • Customized
        • Power is set by Agent level when acquired
      • Berserker Rage
        • Gains extra attacks as HP is reduced
  • Loki: … this one you’ll have to discover for yourself!
    • Chance to drop the SWIFT LIAR
      • Customized
        • Power is set by Agent level when acquired
      • Reduced Potential
        • Prevents enemy from using a random set of ability types

New Daily Bonus Rewards
  • New Weapon: ROAR OF THE NORTH
    • Customized
      • Power is set by Agent level when acquired
    • Slow Reload
      • Deals extra damage but lose next turn
  • Runestone
    • Temporarily grants the “Asgardian” status to the team
    • Immune to Burning, Chilled, Poison, and Radiation
  • Golden Shield
    • Grants ally a damage absorption shield
    • Ally protects your team while shielded

Black Widow Grey Suit Improved
Black Widow’s Grey Suit has received a refactor, adding two new passives depending on which class uniform you purchase.
  • Passive: Double Agent: Tactician
    • Appears on the Infiltrator version of the Grey Suit
    • Single-target attacks against targets with Marked for Revenge grant an extra turn
  • Passive: Double Agent: Infiltrator
    • Appears on the Tactician version of the Grey Suit
    • Counters enemy attacks
    • Attacks become Stealthy

Black Widow Improved
Black Widow has also received some adjustments, making her fourth move (Revenge Tactics) a passive ability and adding a new support ability for her level 9 move.
  • Passive: Revenge Tactics
    • When Black Widow is attacked, she places Marked For Revenge on the attacker
    • Marked for Revenge
      • Takes extra damage
      • Only one enemy can have Marked For Revenge at one time
      • No longer stacks
      • The amount of damage increase has been dramatically improved
  • Widowmaker
    • New 9th Level Ability
    • Quick Action
    • Applies Targeted to enemies
      • Guarantees attacks on the target will hit and be critical hits
    • Grants Widowmaker to Black Widow
      • Black Widow’s next attack has a chance to stun

Character Bugs and Adjustments
  • Several moves are now considered Catastrophic
    • The following moves moves now have 100% chance to hit and cannot be intercepted by Protect abilities
      • Dr. Strange’s Vapors of Valtorr
      • Storm’s Blizzard
      • Storm’s Tornado
      • Thor’s Summon Thunder
    • The damage and hit chance for these moves have been adjusted accordingly
  • Hercules will no longer trigger Likes It Rough when he is at full Stamina
  • Ghost Rider will now correctly Recharge in PVP if he runs out of Stamina

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