Thursday, August 30, 2012

Forsaken World: How to Get Soul Leaves

Here's a quick list of how to get Soul Leaves that you can exchange for a selection of items from the cash shop in Forsaken World:


Guide: Life in the Harbor - 40 soul leaves
Guide: Nightmare Carnival - 40 soul leaves
Guide: God's Trial - 80 soul leaves
Guide: Learn to Fly - 40 soul leaves
Guide: Faction Reputation - 40 soul leaves
Guide: Trade - 40 soul leaves
Guide: Pet Journey - 80 soul leaves
Guide: Vice and Virtue - 80 soul leaves
Guide: Ghostfang Castle - 80 soul leaves
Guide: Mounted Combat - 80 soul leaves
Guide: Wade's Fishing Hole - 80 soul leaves
Guide: Break the Limit - 120 soul leaves


Gauntlet of Storms - random chance upon receiving rewards after each room - 500 soul leaves
Nightmare Carnival - random chance - 500 soul leaves
Advanced Nightmare Carnival - random chance - 500 soul leaves
Master and Apprentice - Soul Leaves awarded for each level of master reputation gained - scales up with each level reputation gained (You'll have about 5000 in all at level 7).
240 Dedication - *new with War of Shadows* 300 Soul Leaves if you hit 240 Dedication


  1. life in the harbor 30/30 for 40 soul leaves?

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