Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Forsaken World: Immortal Rift Territory Wars Schedule

Here's a schedule for to prepare and participate in Forsaken World's Immortal Rift / Territory Wars. It should be useful for guild leader looking to maximize your participation and chances in the Immortal Rift.

Monday - Starting at 18:00 Server Time and Ending on Tuesday at 22:00: Set Orders - Guild Leaders can visit Leonidas or Ares can view the "Territories" map and click on the "Orders" tab and select up to three territories to invade. Priority is given to the guilds with higher rankings. You can only attack territories that are adjacent to your statue's territory UNLESS your guild hold no territory, in which case, you can put an order to invade any 30 v 30 field that belongs to another statue. You CANNOT attack other guilds under your own statue.

TuesdayBattlefields are set on 22:00 server time. It is at this time where you can consider which fields you wish to bid on and find out if your own territories are being attacked.

Wednesday - Bidding begins - with the new territory wars system, you can no longer bid on defending territories and can only bid to attack. Defending territories are set by Orders (see Monday).

Thursday - Bidding ends - same time as the old Immortal Rift system: 21:30 to 22:30 server time, in up to 10 minute intervals with random end times.

Saturday - Immortal Rift / Territory Wars Battles
100 v 100s open at 20:00
60 v 60s open at 21:00
30 v 30s open at 22:00

At 23:10, rewards are distributed to participating guilds based divinity and statue deity rank. If you control any territory at this time, your guild leader can also pray to receive either 10 runes of a single random color or, more rarely, a random purple level 77 glove. The altar where your guild leader can pray is located in front of your guild's statue and interacting with it will let you know how many prays your guild has for the week.

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