Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Marvel Snap - March 2023 Season Pass - Days of Future Past

The March 2023 Season Pass for Marvel Snap, Days of Future Past, is out now and runs through April 3, 2023. Days of Future Past takes its theme from an X-Men story arc that saw a dystopian future where Sentinels have overrun the US and eliminated or imprisoned most of the superheroes and mutants there.

New Premium Pass Card

The included Premium Pass card for this season is Nimrod, the super Sentinel from the Days of Future Past timeline. If fits into the Destroy deck archetype and offers the following:

- Nimrod [5/5] When this is destroyed, add a copy to each other location.

New Series 5 Cards

A slate of new Series 5 cards are also coming this month with the following schedule:

- March 7th: M.O.D.O.K. - Series 5 Release for last season's Premium Pass card.

- March 14th: Master Mold [2/2] On Reveal: Add 2 Sentinels to your opponent’s hand.

- March 21st: Negasonic Teenage Warhead [3/2] After ANY card is played here, destroy this card AND that card.

- March 28th: Kitty Pryde [1/0] You can return this to your hand to gain +2 Power.

New Locations

- Orchis Forge: After you play a card here, add a Sentinel to your hand. (It's a space station Sentinel forge)

- Krakoa: On turn 5, takes over and plays both players’ cards for them. (A sentient island that plays like a mini Ego)

- Asteroid M: After you play a 3 or 4-Cost card, move it here. (Magneto's asteroid)

The developers also mentioned that, this season, they're testing rewarding 5x more bonus cubes every time you reach a new ranked tier so that more people can reach the higher ranks.

Photo via Marvel Snap.

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