Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cars Being Washed Away in Australian Flooding

Toowoomba Flood - January 10, 2011
Crazy flooding (think Katrina bad) is currently occurring in eastern Australia in one of Australia's worst-ever natural disasters. To give an idea of how fast the water can rise, the video after the jump shows the water as it overtakes the banks of the creek and starts taking cars with it.

You can't see too well in the picture above but there's a guy in that SUV; he got in after the water began to rise to the cars, deflated his tires and eventually drove away to save his car from the flood. I wouldn't recommend anyone trying the same; he's really lucky he didn't get washed away and you have auto insurance for a reason.

If you want to help out donations are being accepted by the Queensland government.

If the video doesn't give you a good idea of the flooding, The Boston Globe has plenty of pictures.

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