Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Forsaken World: Intro to the Immortal Rift, Part Three - Bidding on a Battlefield

While the rewards for participating in the Immortal Rift can be great, the cost to participate can also be high as you have to bid money from your Guild Reserves in a battlefield auction that begins every Wednesday and ends Thursday night.

To bid, your guild's leader has to pay a visit to the Immortal Rift NPC, Leonidas located in Freedom Harbor near the Magic Fountain.

Auctions begin at 18:00 server time every Wednesday.

They end at different times depending on the number of stars of the battlefield with the One Star Battlefields (100 v 100) ending first at a random point between 21:30 and 21:39, the Two Star Battlefields (60 v 60) between 21:40 and 21:49, and the Three Star Battlefields (30 v 30) between 21:50 and 21:59.

Here are the rules to remember when bidding:

1. You can only bid on slots designated for your statue god (Aeroses, Hydrus, or Ignet) and there are a limited number of those slots available (especially at the 100 v 100 battlefields where there are only two slots per god and a total of 3 fields in all).

2. You can only bid on two fields at a time; one offense position and one defense position so pick your bids wisely as you'll be locked in to that field unless another guild outbids you (even if there is no opponent to face on that field... meaning: no IR for you!).

3. If you are outbidded or you end up stuck with a field with no opponent, your bid will be refunded.

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