Monday, March 12, 2012

Forsaken World: A Guide to Dedication

For those who play the F2P MMORPG, Forsaken World, hitting 200 dedication a week to receive maximum rewards can be a challenging task so here's a guide and list as to what grants dedication. I've split the list by weeklies and dailies.

Henry's (i.e. Life in Freedom Harbor) - At least 10 dedication (but you can get up to 30 if you didn't quite do 10 in prior days)
God's Trial (GT) - 2 dedication per instance
Arena (on days that it's open) - 2 dedication for first match each day
Nightmare Carnival (on days it's open) - 1 dedication
World and Personal Luck (up to 5 a day) - 2 dedication each
Guild Base Set Daily - 2 dedication
AFK train - 1 dedication
Glistening Lowlands - 1 dedication
Creekbank Valley / Immortal Pool - 1 dedication per instance
World Event (i.e. Fort Khoaway, Eternal Belief, Hunting Festival, etc.) - 2 dedication each
Level Appropriate Gear Instance (i.e. OAC, AC, FP, AS) - 1 dedication for first run(?)
Wade's Fishing Hole - 1 dedication for each entry

Exorcism - 20 dedication
Arena Quests - 8 dedication per completed (up to 32 dedication)
Immortal Rift - 15 dedication

Nightfall Update (with the addition of Nightfall, reaching 200 dedication is now easier than ever)
Nightfall Daily Quest (i.e. Run Boy Run, Nightfall Secrets, Nightfall Patrol Rotation) - 1 dedication eah
Dragon Orders - 2 dedication each

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