Friday, April 6, 2012

Forsaken World: A Guide to the Ghostfang Castle Instance

Ghostfang Castle (GFC) is a new instance introduced in the Nightfall patch of Forsaken World. It is currently the best source for getting level 2 runes short of making them from level 1s.

To enter, the party leader must have at least 60 dedication and the quest "Siege Ghostfang." A player may only be leader in entering Ghost fang once a week.

To get the "Siege Ghostfang" quest, press "H" and click on the "Inst: Ghostfang Castle" tab.

Then, go visit Bill Weaven in Nightfall to get the quest to enter Ghostfang. Make sure you actually have the quest to enter the instance and are party leader before heading back to the instance NPC (Baron Gill) near the entrance of Ghostfang Castle.

Your entire party has to be in the same realm and in the general vicinity to enter Ghostfang Castle.


Once inside you'll find yourself laying siege to Ghostfang Castle. You need to get inside the castle and either kill Baron Kidd or 100 of his Royal Guards to complete the instance. But to get to him, you'll have to break down the gate and defeat the group of mobs (Hoplites) behind the gate. And, you only have 20 minutes to complete the instance.


While inside the instance, you will receive a "morale" buff which can stack up to 5. For each stack above 1, your party's base attack will increase by 100%. So with two stacks you'll have 200% of your base attack, at three stacks 300%, etc.

To increase the stack by 1, you can do any or all of the following:

1. Kill one of the four lieutenants that are located around the castles perimeter. Eventually, they will respawn but you won't get a morale bump from killing them again.
2. Light the Castle on fire. Next to the front gate, there's a piece of flintstone on the ground. Grab it and it will set the haystack on fire and give you a morale boost. Eventually, the fire will go out and the flintstone will respawn and you can light it again for another boost.

3. Kill mobs. After you kill a certain number of mobs, you'll get a one-time morale boost.

Over time, your morale will decrease so you want to raise your morale and finish as quickly as possible.

Rewards: Upon successful completion of the instance, the leader will receive 5 random level 2 runes of the same color and the rest of the party will receive 1 random level 2 rune. You receive the rewards from Baron Gill who appears when the instance is completed successfully.

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