Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Forsaken World: Nightfall Update Patch

Here are the highlights of the recent Nightfall Update Patch to Forsaken World. This is the first content update since Nightfall was released. I'll also include a copy of the patch notes below:

Here are the big additions and what they mean for you:

- Combat Assist - the game now plays itself! A robust Combat Assist interface allows you to AFK and the bot will kill things for you, drink your pots, heal your allies, buff your party, eat your food, etc.

- MA Changes - Apprentice level cap raised to 59! Now you mentors can mentor your apprentices through mentor Welkins, OAC, and AC. Also the dual-clienting/IP restriction on masters and apprentices have been lifted so you can master yourself with no penalty.

- Vice AND Virtue - You can now switch freely between Vice (Nyos) and Virtue (Dyos) trees. Of course, it means doing a long ass quest line and accruing soul power for both trees... Start by pressing "H" and grabbing the "Break the Limit" quest.

- Fashion Wardrobe Bag - it's free and frees up your regular bag space. Switch between 3 outfits on the fly!

- Change your Face and Hair - it's a cash shop item. It's 300 leaves per.

- Soul Leaves - leaves granted to masters from doing Master-Apprentice quests. They're bound and can be used to buy a limited selection from the Cash Shop.

- New Rooms in Gauntlet of Storms - 5 new rooms tacked onto GoS gives you a little something more to do on the instancing front.

- Mentor Points Tradeable for GL Runs - you can now trade Mentor Points and Soul Gold for additional Glistening Lowland entries as well as Gem Reforges.

- Advanced Runes Arrive - you can get them weekly by finishing one of the quest in Immortal Rift. Guild Leaders can also net a few for their guild by praying at the Altar of Sacrifice in their base once a week.

Full Patch Notes:

Character Improvements
- Combat Assist implemented for characters Lv60+. Press Ctrl+X or the Computer Icon underneath the character portrait to get started.
- New Currency Soul Leaves can be gained from being a Master, as well as a low chance from certain instances. Soul Leaves can be spent from the Eyrda Boutique like normal Leaves, but will always purchase a bound item.
- Fashion Wardrobe gives a special bag to store up to 3 fashion sets at a time, as well as a way to set hot keys to quickly swap fashion sets.
- Re-customize your character's face, flair, hairstyle, and coloring at Naomi Morningstar near the Merchant's Union in Nightfall Citadel.
- Double Soul Power: New Quest available from the Leveling Guide called Break the Limit. Allows Players to switch Virtue/Vice buffs on the fly and gain access to both trees. The buff that is activated will determine which bonuses a player receives.
- Soul Power Gate time limits extended from 4 hours to 7 days.
- Combat Fatigue now has a notification after you have killed 8000 mobs, this can be found under your character portrait after you enter fatigue.
- Health levels changed for the Lv77 set pieces for a net gain over all the pieces of gear.
- Weapon, Shoulders, Helmet of the Nightfall Reputation gear set now available.

- Apprentice Level has been changed to Lv10-59. Masters must be Lv60+.
- Removed the same IP restriction for Master/Apprentice.
- New Master/Apprentice UI can be accessed from anywhere in the world by selecting it under the Friend button in the UI. Masters can claim Soul Leaves and other Rewards directly from this UI. Apprentices can search for masters, send out Recruit Orders, and take Bounties from this UI.
- Added roll option Veteran. With this roll option, high level players will be allowed to roll for drops before low level characters. Soul Coin drops will not be affected by having low level players in the party.
- Masters receive Mentor and Soul Power points for completing Bounties with their Apprentices.
- Reduced the required reputation to level Master. Some rewards have changed requirements to require higher Master level, or lower rep.
- After Lv70, players can exchange Mentor points for more chances to enter Glistening Lowland.
- After Lv60, players can exchange Mentor points and Soul Coins to reforge Lv1 Gems up to 100 times/week.
- Players below Lv59 in a group will no longer affect Soul Power gain.
- Quests now have brackets for Lv30, 40, 50, and 60. Higher level quests grant better rewards.
- Mentor Gift Box contents have been changes to better reward higher level players.
- Kill fatigue has changed to account for how many people are in a party. A kill won't count until there are as many kills as there are qualified players in the party.

- 5 new rooms added to Gauntlet of Storms, can you defeat all the new bosses?
- Heptameron chapters are hidden around Nightfall Citadel, this Achievement can now be completed.
- Added Missed Event rewards. For every day you miss an event, the rewards for the next day will increase. The first day after missing an event the player will receive 150% rewards (Exp/Soul Power/Soul Coins). Rewards can be accumulated for 7 days, up to a 400% reward.
- Fissure times extended to 18:30-20:00.
- Players are able to take the quest Move On and Life Goes On twice each at Henry, doubling the chances to continue Life in the Harbor quests every day.
- Gods' Trial mentor mode: Mobs will be considered to match the player's level for experience and Soul Power rewards.
- Gods' Trial mentor mode: Mob level will be reduced if low level characters outnumber the high level characters.
- Gods' Trial now has a chance to reward Memory Berries instead of Memory Lotus.
- Token Box for Advanced Nightmare Carnival now has a chance to reward Memory Berries instead of Memory Lotus.
- Soul Power gained from certain instances has been slightly lowered.

- New addition to Main Quest Line to open both Soul Power trees.
- Guild Affairs quests can now grant up to 8x as much Guild Funds.
- Socialite Experience increased for Scent of Her Heart/Size of His Brain and Wish Card quests.
- Non set Waist gear is available from Race Reputation traders for Bounty.
- Added the ability to teleport to the training grounds from Nightfall Citadel.
- Twisted mobs now count for Bounty quests.
- Removed the incorrect Trackstone in Welkin City
- Forgotten Prison difficulty reduced by removing some mobs to make the packs less dense.
- Increased the Exp and Soul Coin rewards for Lv40-60 Main Quests.

Immortal Rift
- Territories were reset last week, battles will resume with a completely blank map and less bugs!
- Battlefield quest grants a bound Lv1 Advanced Rune and has lower requirements to complete.
- Occupying Crystals now grants additional rewards. Guild Leaders will now be able to worship at the alter of faith for the chance of 10 Advanced Runes, or new Hero Bracers.

- The Achievement Crazy Slaughter now requires 15 kills instead of 3, but team kills will count.
- All Skill Cooldowns are reset upon entering.
- Players receive a hidden 8 minute cooldown upon being accepted to the arena. The cooldown will be cleared if they finish an arena battle, but it will prevent re-queuing if you leave the queue after being accepted or leave a battle early.

Optimization, Tweaks, and Bug Fixes
- Vampire Stance: now an attack count shows below the Vampire Stance buff.
- Mage: Transform Recovery will now work outside the arena.
- Bard: Ice Seal proc will now be closer to 90% instead of guaranteed.
- Assassin: Pets now have a chance to gain the Shadow Falling debuff instead of it being guaranteed.
- Instance names will display on window's title bar.
- New option while doing Pet Soul Transfer to preserve the Source Pet.
- Mounted Combat License can be equipped at Lv50 now.
- Remember Login button on the Login screen preserves account name.
- Shift+Left Click passes through more pets.
- Optimized Inventory Sort.
- Guild Base Exit Crystal now has a Nightfall Citadel option.
- Teleporter UI completely changed to a graphical map. Allows players to travel directly to trackstones from teleporters, as well as the low level zones.
- Incubate and Use levels of a lot of pets have been reduced. Strength levels stayed the same.
- Lv4 Prayer fixed the following issues: Shortened prayer buffs, progress bar disappearing, unable to pray while mounted.
- Elf Warrior points in the Awaken talent no longer appear to be attributed to the Bloodlust tree.
- Mage's Vaporize talent is now reflected in the Fireball tooltip on the hotbar.

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