Saturday, September 1, 2012

Forsaken World: Nightfall - Frostgate Fjord Patch Notes

Here's the Patch Notes for Frostgate Fjord for Forsaken World which introduces 12v12 flag control PvP (My notes in parentheses):

New Game Features:

Frostgale Fjord:
-New 12v12 Battleground located in the far north of Oeste.
-Enter the Battlefield by queuing in the party finder (press "T") between noon and midnight every day. Individual apply only, groups will be dissolved upon entering the Battlefield.
-Matchmaking is randomly determined and based on character Level. All characters at or above Lv40 are eligible to play the Battlefield. Only the first 10 matches in a day will count for points.
-Matches last 25 minutes, or until one team reaches 3600 points.
-All participants will receive Battleground points, players on the winning team will gain more points. Daily quests within the battleground will grant extra points. Wins and participation will also grant a chance at a White Rune or a rare mount.

Expanded Soul Power Trees:
-Additional Soul Power skills are enabled that affect PvP and Soulforce skills. Unlocking these skills will enable White Rune slots. (Black Runes can now be enabled and will slot any color Advanced Rune)

-Guild Treasure can now be unlocked in the base! Complete Guild Base Quests to unlock the Treasure chest and gain access.
-New Guild Base quests have been added that do not require leaving the base. These quests also have a chance to grant access to the Guild Treasure chest once it has been unlocked.
-Continue doing Base Quests every day to level up your Guild Treasure for better rewards! The chest is reset every week so you will need to stay active to continue to get the benefits of Guild Treasure.
-Rewards from the Guild Treasure Chest include Soul Coins and a chance at Gem Light potions and various Level Gems.

Gear Upgrades:
-Fashion Upgrading is now available at Armorers to add stats to all fashion pieces.
-Inferno Shadow Gear: Talk to Arwen Starlight in Twilight Hall with a Lv75 Hero Weapon (EB Weapon) equipped to start the quest Glimmer of Hope. At the end of the quest unlock a powerful new Lv77 weapon.

-New Charlie's Tavern Quests in Nightfall Citadel. Find out how the building of the new tavern is going with a new quest line, finally get some answers about the mysterious pole (Not really) in the corner of the tavern.

New Items:
-Golden Fleece, available in the Eyrda Boutique will allow you to upgrade fashion to be identifiable at Gabriel in Freedom Harbor. This is a new feature so not all fashion sets can currently been upgraded, check the Known Issues list for the fashion that will be added soon!
-The long-awaited Devil Acolyte and Phantom Shroud sets are now the new orbs. Check the Eyrda Boutique to rock the latest styles, pets, and mounts.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:
-Pets are now easier to heal. AoE heals will now include pets, and a bone icon appears under party member's portraits to quickly target their pet.Pets can also now be healed with potions when they are hungry and cannot be summoned.
-If a player sets a durability limit for the Combat Assist, they will automatically town portal when their gear hits the selected durability.
-Mining Truck in Immortal Rift is now faster.
-Soulforce Skills now have a 30second Cooldown in PvP. Some of the new Nyos/Dyos Soul Power skills and runes will make Soulforce more useful in PvP.
-The following Guide Quests now have a 1 time Soul Leaf reward. You will automatically gain the Soul Leaves for previously completed Guide Quests upon logging in:
Life in the Harbor
Nightmare Carnival
Gods' Trial
Learn to Fly
Guide: Introductions
How to Succeed in Business
Guide: Pet's Journeys
Guide: Born for Competition
The King's Quest
War of Ghostfang Castle
Orders from the Capital
Figaro's Revenge
Breaking the Limits
-Mercury Revelations will now drop one mercury coupon and 5 gold instead of 6 mercury coupons.
-New Bounties are available through the Master and Apprentice menu. Higher level Bounties will become available after gaining more dedication.
-Masters now gain Bounty Glory for helping apprentices with Dangerous Bounties. Bounty Glory can be exchanged for Advanced Runes. (More like traded for Rune Shards... need 100 to make one Advanced Rune)
-Embedding, Removing, and Combining Gem functions have been moved to Jane Morningstar who stands next to Gabriel.
-A new game.exe has been included in the update to try to fix the Loading Screen Crash. If you still experience the Loading Screen crash (with the accompanying message to verify), please post your DxDiag and Crash Logs in the Technical Support section of the Forums.
-Life in the Jungle quests will now correctly add to your odyssey count on completion, not abandonment.
-Lantern Spirit no longer shrinks after completing its animation.
-Protectors with the "Protection Mastery" Talent will no longer receive a magical invisible buff on login.
-Fixed various map issues including the blank Gloomy Forest Map and Chinese on the Sleeping Jungle Map.

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