Friday, April 5, 2013

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Spec Ops 8 Launches! Vision is the Prize

Special Operations (Spec Ops) 8 launched today for Marvel Avengers Alliance and continues the story from Spec Ops 7 with Ultron running amok.

Your prize for completing all 25 tasks this time is Vision who can channel energy like Havok and has a chance to phase like Kitty Pryde.

A new lockbox hero is also up for grabs: Omega Sentinel.

Here's a look at Vision and some thoughts:

Vision - Blaster

  • Flying
    • Immune to Ground Attacks
  • Gathering Energy (1 turn)
    • Grants an Energy Charge every round
  • Density Shift
    • Chance to avoid an attack and become phased
  • Energy Charge
    • Increases the damage of next energy attack
    • This effect can be applied 5 times
    • All stacks are consumed by next energy attack

Active Abilities

  • Level 1 - Optic Beams - Single Target Ranged Energy Tech
    • Burning (2 rounds)
      • Taking damage every turn
      • Defense reduced
      • Canceled by chilled
  • Level 2 - Infiltrator Interface
    • Quick Action
    • Offensive Interface (1 turn)
      • Switches interface to Melee Specialist (seems to be like The Punisher's ability)
  • Level 6 - Microwave Pulse - All Enemies Ranged Energy Tech (2 round cooldown)
    • Radiation Exposure (4 turns)
      • Deal damage every turn
      • Increases damage taken from energy attacks
    • Fried Circuits (1 round)
      • Stuns enemies with Mechanical Bodies, and leaves them vulnerable to critical attacks
  • Level 9 - Solar Jewel - Single Target Ranged Energy Tech (2 round cooldown)
    • Combustible
      • Attacks against Burning targets are guaranteed to crit
    • Exploit Stuns
      • Deals extra damage against Stunned targets


Vision seems to be a pretty good damage dealer that would probably work well with Human Torch. His primary survivability mechanism is his chance to phase which would probably be a 20% chance if Scarlet Witch is any indication. It's pretty good since once phased you can't hit him for a whole round and his next attack will do extra damage. Phased is probably the best avoidance in the game.

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