Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Marvel Avenger's Alliance: PVP Season 9 Launches! Angel Up for Grabs!

PVP Season 9 just launched for Marvel Avenger's Alliance with X-Men original member Angel up for grabs. The season runs for 27 days.

The requirements for rewards have changed to make it a little easier for players to get to the higher tiers.

Here's how it works now, plus a quick look at Angel (who looks like he might be good):

League Placement Changes:

  • Silver League - Unchanged
  • Gold League - now "900 rating or higher" rather than % based
  • Diamond League - now 20 ranked attacks needed rather than 30 and "1050 rating or higher."
  • Vibranium League - now only 35 ranked attacks needed rather than 60 and "1250 rating or higher."
  • Adamantium League - now only 50 ranked attacks needed rather than 100 and "1550 rating or higher."

Here's a quick look at Angel:

PVP Season 9 Adamantium Reward Hero - Angel

Generalist - High health and evasion, low attack and defense.
  • Passive: Techno-Organic Wings
    • Immune to ground attacks
    • 25% chance to avoid attacks
  • Passive: Essence Reading
    • Chance to preemptively place Generalized on attackers
  • Lvl 1 - Absolution - Single-Target Slashing Melee
    • Rising Up (1 turn)
      • Has a chance to gain Focused, Fortified, Agile, or Strengthened
  • Lvl 2 - Rapture - Single-Target Unarmed Melee - 1 round cooldown
    • Quick Action
    • Lead the Charge
      • Loses turn the next round
      • Allies gain a turn next round
  • Lvl 6 - Aspersio - All-Enemies Ranged Slashing
    • Divine Inspiration (3 rounds)
      • Increased Attack, Defense, Accuracy, and Evasion
    • Blessing (3 rounds)
      • Increases the effect of healing received
  • Lvl 9 - Impositio Manus - Single-Target Heal - 3 round cooldown
    • Benediction
    • Restores stamina when applied
    • The next time this character would be KO'ed, they are instead healed to 25%.


My first thoughts are that Angel is a pretty resilient character and could be a real powerhouse. He's hard to kill reliably with the 25% dodge (also since he's a Generalist, he's not a risk of the double hits that Invisible Woman and Scarlet Witch can sometimes take). Coupled with his better than average Evasion plus his self-buffs and ability to resurrect, and he could occupy the upper tier for PVP heroes in the near term.

His Quantum Jumper-like ability to grant teammates an extra turn is just a bonus. Unless it can be dispelled... Then it might suck.

With his ability to self-buff he could deal a good chunk of damage once he gets going on turn 2 or 3. Of course that won't help if the match ends on turn 1 or 2, but his 25% dodge should help him see the later round more often than not.

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