Monday, July 8, 2013

Marvel Avengers Alliance: New Sponsored Covert Tasks

It looks like Playdom is trying something new for Marvel Avengers Alliance and adding sponsored tasks ("Sponsored Covert Tasks"). The new side task looks like it's sponsored by UL, whose certification you might recognize on some of your electronics and what not.

The tasks are pretty easy to do and you get a nifty device called a Charge Dissipator out of it that gives you a nice defensive passive buff (and 5% attack bonus) or a decent PVP bonus if you decide to slot it in your armory.

Here's the short task list:

  • Defeat a Servo Guard (they're found in quite a few missions, the quests points you to Chapter 2, Mission 6, but any will do)
  • Complete a Remote Ops (send ship out)
  • Research Trial Dissipator (costs a couple hundred silver and takes 5 minutes)
  • Complete 3 Deploys
  • Defeat 5 Servo Guards
That's pretty much it. The text that goes with the tasks pretty much go on like a Public Service announcement explaining why UL certification is important and the like.

You have 21 days to do it, but really, it only takes maybe 20 minutes to do.

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