Friday, August 30, 2013

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Squirrel Girl Recruitable via Covert Tasks

Squirrel Girl is recruitable for a limited time when you complete a set of 10 new covert tasks in Marvel Avengers Alliance.

The deadline to complete the tasks is September 18, 2013.

Here are patch notes as well as the list of covert tasks to recruit Squirrel Girl:

Agents can now take part in an exclusive covert task that upon completion will unlock the ability to purchase our newest heroine, Squirrel Girl! This covert task will only be available for a short time!

PLEASE NOTE: Some players may not see the covert task right away. If this is the case, you will have the task tomorrow after the nightly reset.

Squirrel Girl
  • Scrapper
  • Self Passive : Super Squirrely
    • High chance to Avoid Melee attacks
    • Grants Acorn Power when an attack is avoided this way
    • Immune to Targeting effects
  • Level 1 : Squirrel Strike
    • One Enemy
    • Melee, Unarmed
    • Exhausted
      • Cannot take extra turns
      • Quick Actions become normal actions
      • Lasts 1 Round
    • Pain Train
      • Causes Pain. Applies Exposed to targets with Pain. Applies Wide-Open to targets with Exposed
      • Lasts 1 Turn
  • Level 2 : Furry Fury
    • One Enemy
    • Melee, Summon
    • Summon Attack
      • Does not trigger counter or retaliation effects
    • Flanked
      • Single-target attacks against this target grant a follow-up attack
      • Lasts 1 Round
    • Cornered
      • Removes and prevents Protect effects
      • Lasts 1 Round
    • Acorn Power x 3
      • Increases attack
      • Chance per stack to counter when an ally is attacked
      • Stacks up to 3 times
  • Level 6 : Nuts to This
    • Self
    • Buff, Heal
    • Quick Action
      • Grants an immediate free turn after using
      • Does not trigger follow-up attacks
    • Snack Time
      • Requires and consumes one Acorn Power
    • Aw, Nuts!
      • Has a 25% chance to miss
    • Nutty
      • 20% chance per stack to gain an Extra Turn after attacking
      • Stacks up to 5 times
      • Lasts 3 Rounds
  • Level 9 : Wrath of the Raging Squirrel
    • One Enemy
    • Melee, Unarmed
    • Deadly Crits
      • Deals extra damage on critical hits
    • Stealthy
      • Does not trigger counter-attacks or protect abilities
    • Brutal Strike
      • Damage cannot be prevented by resurrection effects
    • Nut up or Shut up
      • Consumes all stacks of Nutty for extra damage. Will not grant an Extra Turn
  • Miscellaneous Fixes
    • Panacea Response no longer removes Stunned or Exhausted
    • Increased the duration of Pain by 1 round (applies only to Squirrel Girl's Pain Train ability)

Covert Tasks: Bright Eyed, Bushy Tailed

1. Change of Subject - Defeat 5 Test Subjects in Season 2. Test Subjects have been experimented on without their consent, granting them super powers at the cost of their minds. They can be found in Missions 1, 2 and 4.
  • 5 gold to auto-finish
  • Reward: 100 XP

2. Another Earth - Survive an Incursion. Incursions are battles against Heroes from alternate realities. They are found in Season 2.
  • 5 gold to auto-finish
  • Reward: 3000 silver

3. Splice of Life - Defeat Sugar Man. Sugar Man is the Boss of Season 2 Mission 1: Artificial Sweetener.
  • 10 gold to auto-finish
  • Reward: 1 CP

4. Oakey Dokey - Collect 15 Acorns. Acorns are dropped in combat by enemies in Season 2. They can also be purchased in the store. (Tip: They tend to drop on Mission Bosses and once an Acorn drops, your best bet is to lose and repeat the fight and lose again until 15 are collected; Selene in Mission 5 is especially good for this).
  • 40 gold to auto-finish (if you're going to auto-finish 15 Acorns costs 30g in the store)
  • Reward: 5000 silver

5. Prove Yourself - Win 3 PVP Battles. Squirrel Girl wants to see how well you fight. Compete in PVP to test your skills against other players.
20 gold to auto-finish
Reward: 100 XP for the Agent

6. Hellfire And Blood - Defeat 15 Hellfire Club Soldiers in Season 2. Hellfire Club Soldiers can be found in Missions 2, 3 and 5
 5 gold to auto-finish
Reward: 7000 silver

7. Dragon's Lair - Defeat Dragoness in Season 2. Dragoness is the Boss of Mission 3: Sword in the Stone.
  • Requires 10 gold to auto-finish
  • Reward: 1 CP

8. Chitter Chitter - Research the Squirrely-Talkie in the Lab. Research the Squirrely-Talkie to complete this task (cost 100 Silver and takes 8 hours to finish) .
  • Requires 20 gold to auto-finish
  • Reward: 9000 silver

9. Deep South - Complete the Rogue and Gambit Heroic Battle in Season 2: Mission 1. Heroic Battles are classic matchups between Heroes and Villains. To participate, you must have that hero recruited.
  • Requires 10 gold to auto-finish
  • Reward: 5 CP

10. The Fix Is In - Defeat Fixer in Season 2. Fixer is the Boss of Mission 6: To Catch a Thief.
  • Requires 10 gold to auto-finish
  • Reward: 5 gold, Squirrel Girl Recruitment Available

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