Sunday, December 1, 2013

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Season 2, Chapter 3 Released... Patch Notes!

Chapter 3 of Season 2 of Marvel Avengers Alliance is out, revealing more of the story behind the Circle of Eight and dangling the gold Original Daredevil costume as the reward for finishing all the Chapter's tasks.

The patch also fixed a few item bugs and included some major changes to Daredevil, Hank Pym, and The Wasp and minor changes to others:

Chapter 3: Crisis of Leadership
New Villain: Sin
  • Desiring to have an heir, the Red Skull indoctrinated and trained his daughter mercilessly, hammering her into the shape he wished. He got what he wanted: Sinthia Schmidt is just as brutal and immoral as her father.

New Heroic Battles, Empowered Iso-8, and Customized Gear

Original Daredevil Costume
  • Get the Original Daredevil Costume by completing Chapter 3 Mastery. Original Daredevil has the following passive:
    • Master Assassin
      • 20% chance to perform a preemptive counter against melee attacks
      • Avoids attacks that are countered this way

Character Redesigns
  • In addition to the below changes, damage done by these heroes has been adjusted.
  • Blindsight (Passive)
    • Has been modified to give all of Daredevil’s moves True Strike
  • Man Without Fear (Passive)
    • New Passive makes Daredevil immune to Fear effects like Intimidated, Cower, or Broken Will
  • Billy Club (Level 1)
    • Now causes Internal Bleeding and Pressure Points
    • No longer causes Combo Setup
  • Radar Sense (Level 2)
    • Radar Sense’s counter-attack has been removed
    • Radar Sense now causes all attacks to gain Stealthy
  • Snap Kick (Level 6)
    • Now causes Fumbling and Hobbled
    • No longer causes Weakened
  • Manrikigusari (Level 9)
    • Gains Deadly Crits and Paragon Exploiter
    • No longer causes Exposed

Hank Pym
  • Smartest Man in the Room (Passive)
    • Now triggers on the first round
    • Now guarantees that attacks hit
    • Several other geniuses now wish to share in the discussion
  • Growing Pains (Level 1)
    • Now causes Cornered and Exhausted
    • No longer causes Dizzy
  • Goliath Punch (Level 2)
    • Now causes Staggered and Fumbling
    • No longer has Exploit Opportunity
  • Army of Ants (Level 6)
    • Now causes Off-Balance and Neutralized
    • No longer tagged as a Summon attack
  • Bug Squashing (Level 9)
    • Now has Exploit Opportunity
      • Deals extra damage against opponents with Cornered, Exhausted, Impaired, Neutralized, Off-balance, Staggered, or Winded

  • Opportunist (Passive)
    • Has a chance to counter any enemy with Cornered, Exhausted, Impaired, Neutralized, Off-balance, Staggered, or Winded
    • This attack has Exploit Opportunity
  • Bioenergy Blast (Level 1)
    • No longer a “Bio” attack
    • Causes Biofeedback and Impaired
    • No longer causes Weakened
  • Disrupting Shot (Level 2)
    • Now causes Distraction and Remove Buffs
    • No longer causes Staggered
  • Skirmish Scramble (Level 6)
    • Now causes Staggered in addition to Nimble and Off-Balance
  • Fist Bump (Level 9)
    • Now causes Cornered and Winded
    • Now has Exploit Opportunity

Hero Bug Fixes and Balance Changes
Black Widow
  • Widow’s Bite now causes Incapacitation
Black Panther
  • Vibranium Claws and Vibranium Daggers now have Ethereal Strike
    • Ignores Avoidance and Incorporeal effects
  • Vibranium Daggers now has a 1 round cooldown
  • Mode change moves now extend from Recharge instead of replacing it
  • Distress Call now has a chance of summoning any lockbox hero
Daimon Hellstrom
  • Netheranium Spire now correctly animates and prevents magic damage
Dr. Strange
  • Modern Dr. Strange now correctly applies Bane on Vapors of Valtorr
Dr. Voodoo
  • Staff of Legba now works correctly with avoidance and shield effects
  • Bo Roulette now correctly gives 2-4 charges of Kinetic Energy
  • Havok’s Uncanny Coordination now grants a maximum of one extra turn per round
  • Halt (Vigilance) now works correctly against all moves
  • Follow-up attacks in combats with Heimdall now work correctly
Human Torch
  1. Blazing Speed can now avoid Melee as well as Ranged attacks
Kitty Pryde
  • Phased from the Shadowcat costume can now be removed properly
  • Now correctly removes Stepping Razor after use
  • Will not trigger other Avoidance effects while Stepping Razor is active
Ms. Marvel
  • Hidden Potential now also grants Stored Energy when Ms. Marvel is struck by energy attacks.
  • Stored Energy increases the damage of her attacks by 20%. Stacks 3 times.
  • Swashbuckler Nightcrawler now correctly applies Bleeding on Shadow Dance
Omega Sentinel
  • Class change moves are now a multi-action
  • Class change moves are now a multi-action
  • Berserker is now a Quick Action with a 4 round cooldown
  • Soul Kiss now provides extra healing if the target dies
  • Moves that exploit Webbed now properly indicate that they deal extra damage
  • Webbed Slingshot’s tooltip now displays correctly
  • Webbed now reduces Attack and Defense by 20% (up from 15%)
  • Amber Field now has a 2 round cooldown
  • Black Hand no longer has a 100% hit chance
  • Black Hand is now Stealthy and not Subtle
  • Life and Death no longer has a 100% hit chance
  • Corrected a bug causing Summon Thunder and Hammer Toss to deal above-normal damage
  • Reduced the damage bonus granted from Might of Mjolnir slightly

Prototype Cube
  • Atom Smasher now correctly has 100% hit chance (Catastrophic)
Warbringer Axe
  • Warbringer Axe no longer gives an extra stack of War Frenzy at the start of combat
  • Fixed a bug where War Frenzy was not being removed after attacking
Vigilante Toolkit
  • The Retractable Claw counter-attack now does correct damage and animations

Combat Changes
  • Incapacitation now has a 50% chance to spawn Stun (up from 35%)
  • Biofeedback now has a 20% chance to spawn Stun (up from 15%)
  • Bleeding will no longer replace Internal Bleeding if the total Internal Bleeding count is 3

Bug Fixes
  • Staff of Legba’s heal tag has been replaced with the buff tag.
  • Black Widow’s real name was incorrect and has been fixed in her bio.
  • Fixed an issue with Heimdall recharging too often in PvP when he doesn’t have access to his Level 9 ability.
  • Caducite plays its visual effects on the target instead of the character using it
  • The Numbing Needle can no longer apply Stun to Phased targets
  • Season 1 locations now have music tracks
  • Broken Will will now correctly be considered a fear effect
  • Kitty Pryde’s Shadowcat Costume now uses the correct Phased status

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