Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Tips for Beating Hybrid Group Boss in Spec Ops 18

I tried various combos in dealing with the Hybrid Group Boss of Spec Ops 18 and the best I could come up without spending any Gold was this:

You'll need: Fandral (90 CP) and Hogun (135 CP). Hogun's extra attacks on counters and follow-ups do a good chunk of damage. This works even against the Bruiser/Scrapper Hybrid (you just have to use a weapon to Neutralize his class bonus).

My Agent setup is:

- General Empowered Armor (free from the Anniversary)
- Synthetic Cube - from quest
- Damage Amplifier - random drop
- Asgardian Tankard - from quest
- Sonic Sword - Research from current Spec Ops (or Voodoo Staff for Neutralize or Savant Spear if versus counter-class Hybrid group boss).

You can try different combos to see what works best for you but none of my weapons cost any Gold.

General Strategy:

- Fandral - Use En Garde to Depower the boss whenever it's up. Use Have At Thee otherwise to generate the most number of attacks from Hogun.

- Hogun - Wind up Swing! Wind up Swing! Wind up Swing! Use Elixir of Recovery if you health gets low and Overwhelming Presence when it's up.

As far as Augmented Isos go, you'll want to use the appropriate increase attack ones for Wind up Swing and Have at Thee.


- 30% to over 50% damage on Boss.

Optional Cheap Gold add-ons:

- 5 Gold - Aggressive Empowered Iso-8 for Hogun - since Hogun is your main damage this just makes him hit that much harder. If you're using this, try and have Fandral or your Agent use Elixir of Recovery instead as you'll want Hogun to swing as much as possible to increase his attack.

- 10 Gold - Inspiring Empowered Iso - in the Generalist Empowered Armor for added stat boosts = more damage

Happy Hunting!

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