Friday, January 13, 2023

Marvel Snap 2023 Lunar New Year Nian Challenge Event

Marvel Snap welcomes the upcoming 2023 Lunar New Year with the Nian Challenge Event, where players join together to help defeat the Nian Beast.

Here's the flavor text:

"A fierce beast has descended upon the village, devouring anything in its path...

It is said that this is the Ancient Legend known as "Nian Beast," a ferocious creature which is afraid of loud noises and the color red.

In order to protect the village, Shang-Chi and his partners will fight against Nian Beast together..."

The following rewards will be unlocked when the combined damage from all players reduces Nian's health to the following breakpoints:

  • 80% Health: 200 Credits
  • 40% Health: 100 Gold
  • 0% Health: Sword Master Lunar New Year Avatar

Additionally, the top 10 contributors in terms of damage dealt (i.e. points/firecrackers) from each region will get a special title: "Not a Puny Mortal" (in case of a tie, the winners will be determined by in-game rankings).

You deal one damage per cube won in each game. You can get double that by including one of the following cards in your deck:

  • Shang-Chi
  • Colleen Wing
  • Armor
  • Psylocke
There's a max of 300 damage to be dealt each day (and you pretty much have to max out and have a high ranking to win the special title). As with previous events, you need to collect your points/firecrackers each day.

The event runs through January 30, 2023 at 6:59:59 (UTC 0).

Photo via Marvel Snap.

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