Monday, December 10, 2012

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Strategy Guide - Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange is a high damage, low health character in the Facebook social game Marvel Avenger's Alliance. He has some very nice support abilities that will keep your team alive... if you can keep him alive!

Fortunately, he recently received a buff with the PvP Season 2 patch that ups his survivability and useability a little.

Let's take a look at the new Modern Dr. Strange as well as regular Dr. Strange with strategies for playing with and against him.


New! Passive - Sorcerer Supreme
What it does - Grants a stack of Mystic Energy when any enemy attacks.
  • Mystic Energy - Restores Stamina every turn. Stacks up to 3.
Buffed! - Bolts of Balthakk - Increased stamina cost and damage. Now generates one stack of Mystic Energy.

When Dr. Strange has three stacks of Mystic Energy, he will automatically consume all three to generate a Power of Principalities buff.

New! Power of the Principalities - Dr. Strange starts with this buff.
  • Restores Stamina every turn. Makes the next Teresing Boost, Vapors of Valtorr, or Shield of the Seraphim a Quick Action (meaning you can take an immediate turn right after). Casting any of those spells consumes the buff.
  • Dr. Strange will still collect Mystic Energy while he has Power of the Principalities and will not generate Power of the Principalities while he already has one. However, if you have Power of the Principalities AND three Mystic Energy, he will get another Power of the Principalities buff immediately after using the existing one (basically letting you take 3 turns).
Modern Dr. Strange (available as Blaster or Tactician)

New! Passive - Defender 
  • Dr. Strange and his allies have a chance to be gain Shield of the Seraphim (1-turn shield) before any enemy attack on them.
  • Bolts of Balthakk and Vapors of Valtorr inflict Bane on a successful hit

Tips on Fighting with Dr. Strange:
- Especially with the Modern suit (because of Bane), Vapors of Valtorr followed by Bolts of Balthakk make for a deadly one-two punch that will KO an enemy hero if you're lucky.
- Warning! Vapors of Valtorr will trigger an enemy Infiltrator counter attack.
- Dr. Strange is squishy and will live longer with a defending-type hero (Hercules, Captain America, The Thing, etc.) to protect him

Tips on Fighting Against Dr. Strange:
- You generally want to kill Dr. Strange first for three reasons:

  • He's squishy
  • He does a lot of damage
  • He can heal a fair bit

- It's easy enough to focus fire Dr. Strange off the bat as he has relatively little health.
- Soulfire will remove any charges of Mystic Energy and Power of the Principalities.
- Foley's Heart Tickler or similar weapons work like a charm as well.
- Weapons and abilities that ignore shields work quite well for those random Shield of the Seraphim.
- Basically any Tactician for Blaster Dr. Strange or any Infiltrator for the Tactician version work pretty well against him. Infiltrator particularly because the computer will always do Vapor of Valtorr and get counter-smacked.
- Ghost Rider is also very good against Dr. Strange with Highway to Hell on the initial turn to get rid of Power of the Principalities and Penance to finish him off.
- Since all his attacks are one hit, evasion is your friend and evades like Storm's Shroud and Digital Decoy work well against Bolts.

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