Thursday, December 13, 2012

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Scroll of Melsalam Available Today Only

Playdom is offering a "12 Days of Sweet Christmas" sale on old limited-time cash-shop items (one per day) for Marvel Avengers Alliance. They're going for half-off (32 gold instead of the normal 64) and today's sale might be worth a pick up. It's the Scroll of Melsalam!

The Scroll of Melsalam is especially good at high levels as it is one of the only items that heal at the upper levels and is one of the few items that removes debuffs on your characters. You can check out the stats below:

Of course, it might be worth waiting for the PvP Season 3 Reward: Scroll of Angolob, a quick-action which removes buffs on your enemies and debuffs on your allies:

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