Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Phoenix Nerf

Phoenix got a bit of a nerf to her resurrection and Phoenix fire ability in the latest round of "bug fixes" in Marvel Avengers Alliance.

Basically, she now only has a 50% chance of preventing an ally (or herself) from dying and the ability no longer gives her a damage buff.

Phoenix Fire no longer removes buffs from enemies.

Here are the full notes:

1. Phoenix fixes
  • Death and Rebirth
    • Death and Rebirth is no longer a 100% chance to prevent an ally from dying. It is now a 50% chance.
    • Phoenix no longer deals extra damage while Death and Rebirth is active
  • Phoenix Fire
    • Phoenix Fire is locked from the start of the fight (fixed)
      • Phoenix Fire is unlocked if Death and Rebirth saves that ally (old behavior)
      • Phoenix Fire is also unlocked if an ally is defeated and not saved by Death and Rebirth
      • This behavior is now described on the "Cycle of Life" tooltip on Phoenix Fire
    • Phoenix Fire no longer removes buffs from enemies (but it still clears debuffs from the team)
    • Phoenix Fire no longer causes Soulfire
    • Phoenix Fire is now Catastrophic

2. Phased is no longer removed on counter actions
3. Protector of Attilan no longer stacks
4. Captain Britain’s Heir to the Otherworld no longer grants an extra turn after hitting with counter-attack / follow up / preemptive actions
5. Protect effects no longer protect against counter-attack / follow up / preemptive actions

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