Saturday, June 14, 2014

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Task List to Recruit Shanna

There are 8 task in all you need to complete before you can unlock Shanna for recruitment (unlike Spec Ops or PVP heroes, you still need 90 CP to recruit Covert Ops heroes).

Here are the 8 tasks:

1. Curiosity. Collect a Test Serum Conduit. Conduits have been cropping up all over, find one and show it to Shanna. Conduits can be found in fights throughout Season 2.

  • 2 gold to skip
  • Reward: 1 CP

2. The Message. Defeat Boss Green Goblin. Help Shanna derail Green Goblin's deranged plans for the Savage Land. Green Goblin is the boss in S2 C5 M4.
  • 15 gold to skip
  • 3000 silver

3. Order. Defeat Epic Boss Venom. Take down Venom to prove your worth. Venom is the Epic boss in S2 C4 M6.
  • 15 gold to skip
  • 1 CP

4. Defilers. Defeat 5 White Gorilla Grunts. Punish the White Gorillas for their impudence. White Gorilla Grunts can be found in S2 C5 M2. 
  • 20 gold to skip
  • 5000 silver

5. Chief Defiler. Defeat Epic Boss Man-Ape. Where the White Gorillas go, Man-Ape is sending the orders. Send him a message he won't soon forget. Man-Ape is the Epic Boss in S2 C5 M6.
  • 15 gold to skip
  • 1 CP

6. Call of the Wild. Complete Train with Shanna Round I, in the Simulator. Shanna is interested in seeing how you fight. She's set up a fight in the Simulator to see what you can do. 
  • 15 gold to skip
  • 5000 silver

7. Foreshadowing. Collect 30 Test Serum Conduits. Gather enough conduits to determine their origin to Shanna's satisfaction. Conduits can be found in fights throughout Season 2. 
  • 60 gold to skip
  • 1 CP
8. Combat Training II. Complete Train with Shanna Round II, in the Simulator. You've proven your worth, but one last Simulator fight to prove you can work together with Shanna.
  • 25 gold to skip
  • 5000 silver, Shanna recruitable
Just a word of warning: you need a good amount of heroes to unlock all those Epic Bosses or even just the mission themselves. They are:
  • Black Panther - 90 CP
  • Hank Pym - 200 CP
  • Havok - 200 CP
  • Hercules - 90 CP
  • Hulk - 90 CP
  • Ms. Marvel - 15 CP
  • Punisher - 135 CP
  • Wasp - 90 CP

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