Friday, February 22, 2013

Marvel Avengers Alliance - Brown and Tan Wolverine Patch Notes

Here are the latest patch notes including buffs to Wolverine and a new Brown-and-Tan Suit in Marvel Avengers Alliance.

I included my thoughts (including changes not included in the notes) at the very bottom after the notes:

New Hero: WASP
  • Infiltrator
  • Flying
  • Opportunist
    • Counter-attack enemies that attack with Staggered, Distracted, Off-balance, Cornered, or Dizzy
    • Exploits Staggered, Distracted, Off-balance, Dizzy
  • 1. Bioenergy Blast
    • Single Target Ranged Bioenergy attack
    • Causes Biofeedback & Weakened
  • 2. Distracting Shot
    • Puts Distracted & Removes Buffs
  • 3. Skirmish Scramble
    • Stealthy
    • AOE
    • Nimble - high chance to dodge attacks
    • Off-balance
  • 4. Fist Bump
    • Super AOE
    • Cornered, Dizzy
  • Default Counter. Buzz Kill
    • Flies off the screen and appears behind the enemy
    • Exploits Staggered, Distracted, Off-balance, or Dizzy
    • Deadly Crits

Hero Updates
Wolverine, Havok, and Magneto have received major updates to their skills and abilities.

Update: Wolverine
  • Passives
    • Healing Factor
      • Always restores health each first turn
      • Bleeds and Poison durations reduced
      • Has a chance to survive fatal damage
    • Come at me, Bub
      • Has a chance to protect allies from single-target attacks
      • This chance increases the more Health Wolverine has
    • Berserker Rage
      • Has a chance to counter any enemy attack
      • This chance increases the less Health Wolverine has
  • 1. Adamantium Claws - Default Counter
    • Adamantium
    • 2x Bleeds
    • Ravaged
  • 2. Berserker Frenzy
    • Adamantium
    • 4x hits big awesome animation
    • Exploits Bleeding
    • Deadly Crits
  • 3. Savage Rend
    • Adamantium
    • Adds Cornered
    • Adds Tenderized
  • 4. Feral Ambush
    • Adamantium
    • Stealthy
    • Stun 60%
  • Brown-And-Tan Suit ONLY
    • Passive: The Best There Is
      • Chance to gain an extra turn when Come at Me and Berserker Rage proc

Update: Havok
  • Passive Cosmic Absorb
    • Takes reduces damage from energy attacks
    • Generates one Cosmic Energy every turn
    • Any energy attack by enemies or allies generates one Cosmic Energy
  • Cosmic Energy
    • Increases Defense
    • Gain stam every turn
    • Stacks to 5
  • Punch
    • Utility Move
    • No Stamina Cost
    • Regenerates stamina
    • Melee
    • Melt Armor
    • Removes Buffs
  • Plasma Wave
    • Single Target Finisher
    • Low Accuracy
    • Consumes all stacks of Cosmic Energy for massive damage
  • Plasma Spheres (now the 3rd ability)
    • AOE
    • Catastrophic
    • Pressure Points
    • Consumes 1 stack of Cosmic Energy
  • Channel Energy (now the 4th ability)
    • Buff
    • Quick Action
    • Cooldown
    • Restores Stamina
    • Guaranteed Crit & Hit on next attack

Update: Magneto
  • Class: Tactician
  • Passive : Psychic Immunity
    • Immune to Psychic attacks
  • Passive : Master of Magnetism
    • Guaranteed to crit Magnetized targets
    • Chance to preemptively counter Magnetized targets
    • Automatically applies Magnetized to enemies carrying metal
  • Passive : Flying
  • 1. Electromagnetic Blast
    • Electricity Attack
    • Single Target
    • Magnetized
      • Attacks can not crit
      • Can’t dodge attacks
  • 2. Heavy Metal
    • 60% Stun
    • 100% chance to stun Magnetized targets
    • Long cooldown
  • 3. Graviton Well
    • Large damage AOE
    • Catastrophic
    • Exploits Magnetized
  • 4. Magnetic Shield
    • Party buff
    • Absorbs some damage
    • Grants an extra turn when the shield is removed

PvP Changes
  • Refreshing your browser during a ranked PVP fight will no longer count as an initiated fight
  • Your first 5 wins increment a new PvP Daily Bonus counter (located to the left of the “Tournament Fight” button)
    • After you win 5 Tournament Fights in one day, you will get a free spin on the new PVP Daily Bonus
    • For the rest of the day you can click the new chest icon to bring the loot table back up and spin again as much as you’d like for 5 gold per spin
    • The 5 fight counter resets the next day
    • Your first 5 wins will now grant +100 XP instead of +50
    • This is in addition to the Daily Bonus you already get playing for free every day (a second bonus for everyone!)
  • Defensive hero/armory bonuses should now display properly
  • Revenge fights have been removed from the game
  • Challenge points are no longer available on the gift page or friend maps

New Gifts
  • New Valentine’s gifts are available
    • Hawkeye Valentine
      • Buffs Accuracy + Heal
      • Reads: "Cupid's arrows, straight to the heart."
    • Black Widow Valentine
      • Buffs Evasion + Heal
      • Reads: "'Til death do we part."
    • Iron Man Valentine
      • Buffs Attack + Heal
      • Reads: "My Arc Reactor glows for you. And you. And that cute blonde over there."
    • Thor Valentine
      • Buffs Defense & Heal
      • Reads: "Was Tony talking about me?"

Additional Fixes
  • Emma Frost
    • Reduce the amount of stat bonuses of Cosmic Power and Potential Unleashed
      • 50% -> 30%
    • Reduce the proc rate of Cosmic Power
      • 25% -> 20%
    • Migraine is only 30% damage reduction
      • 50% -> 30%
    • Mental Trauma is only 70% chance to apply Migraine
      • 100% -> 70%
    • Potential Unleashed is a Quick Action. Stamina cost significantly increased
      • 250% increase in stamina cost
    • AI fix: Emma Frost does not try to cast Mind Tap on targets that already have anguish or scarring in PVP
  • Cable
    • Bodyslide is only 60% chance to apply Distraction
  • Ghost Rider
    • Infernal Contract can only trigger once per round
  • Psylocke
    • Reduce the damage of psychic knives
      • Added pop Status, bringing the damage down ~15%
    • Mental Coordination is tagged as a buff
    • Kinetic Shield is only a Quick Action if it consumes Psionic Shadow
  • Phoenix
    • Fixed Mind Link AI
    • Reduce the damage of Phoenix Fire
      • Reduced about 12%
  • Human Torch
    • Made sure Human Torch vs. Human Torch can hurt each other
    • Made sure Nova Blast doesn’t hurt Human Torch himself
    • Human Torch no longer gets an immediate tick of health when Rekindle is applied
    • Reduce rekindle attack bonus
      • 1.3 -> 1.15
    • Nova Blast properly damages opponents
    • Made sure Blazing Speed can’t dodge Catastrophic attacks
  • Modern Dr. Strange
    • Bane popup fix
  • Reduce the % bonus of some effects
    • War Frenzy
      • 1.17 -> 1.12
    • Sacrificial Strength
      • 1.5 -> 1.3
    • The Demon set
      • 1.7 -> 1.4
  • The Daily Bonus has been changed from a deploy loot table to a boss “spin” loot table
  • Fixed a display issue with Scroll of Angolob
  • Third charm duration reduced by 1 round
  • Conductive charge is a buff
  • Removed an animation for War Frenzy
  • Reduce the duration of Mirror Images to 2
  • Increased the amount healed by the Scroll of Melsalam about 30%
  • The Quantum Jumper now starts with a 1 round cooldown
  • Added Facebook timeline images for several villains that were missing them


The abilities on Wasp in the notes are already slightly different. She has no "Super AOE" and cannot remove buffs. I think they mixed up her changes with Havok's.

With the bufs, Wolverine can now become a semi-decent tank depending on your team composition and iso slotting.

Huge debuffs to Emma on top of several rounds of nerfing, but she's still a strong character despite that although virtually useless against Magneto.

Havok also got a quick buff but still shouldn't see too much play as he's fairly easy to take out.

The new Valentines are worth 500 silver each if you're hard up on Silver.

Undocumented changes include Unstable-Isos (for Spec Ops) now available through visiting friends. Also silver rewards from helping out friends now scale with your level and are no longer completely useless.

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