Saturday, February 23, 2013

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Captain Britain is Now Available for Recruiting!

Marvel Avengers Alliance now has Captain Britain available to recruit (although they haven't released the patch notes for him yet).

He costs 90 CP... they need to release some more 48 CP heroes for newer players...

Here's Captain Britain's abilities (he looks like a nerf waiting to happen):

Captain Britain - Bruiser

Passive Abilities:

  • Flying 
    • Immune to ground attacks
  • Lion of Avalon
    • Gains Roar of Valor and restores health each time an enemies is defeated
    • Loses Roar of Valor each time an ally  is defeated
  • Heir to the Otherworld
    • Chance to gain an extra turn and Roar of Valor after attacking a target with Dizzy, Slowed, Exposed, or Weakened
      • Roar of Valor (buff - 2 rounds) - currently starts with a stack...
        • Increases all stats
        • Gives a chance to take reduced damage
        • Stacks up to 3 times
    • Attacking a target that has all four debuffs cause Curse of the Otherworld
      • Curse of the Otherworld (debuff - 1 round)
      • • Attacks against this target have a chance to grant an Extra Turn and restore health.

Active Abilities:

  • Level 1 - Right is Might - Single Target Unarmed Melee
    • Causes Weakened and Dizzy
  • Level 2 - Save the Queen - Single Target Unarmed Melee 
    • Exploits Flying
    • Causes Exposed
  • Level 6 - Smashing - Ground AoE (3 round cool down) 
    • Stuns (every single time...)
    • Causes Slow
  • Level 9 - Britanic - Single Target Unarmed Melee
    • Deadly Crits
    • Paragon Exploiter


Captain Britain is a offensive Bruiser a la Hulk.

Roar of Valor + Enraged = GG

Currently, his extra turn can activate on his two-hit "Right is Might" (I'm pretty sure it's a bug) on enemies without the requisite debuff. The game seems to be registering the debuff caused by the Right is Might on hit 1 and gaining an extra turn on hit 2...

Smashing is too powerful, while it has a long cool down, low damage, and high stamina, it essentially grants your team a free turn. Combine this with the fact that Captain Britain already has a chance of gaining free turns and the mechanic is rife for abuse.

I'm not sure if the Roar of Valor buff he starts with is working as intended...

If you fight against Captain Britain, you probably want to take him out first if possible. He has relatively low health for a Bruiser. Or, I guess you could try waiting for him to run out of stamina...

Nerfs Incoming - my predictions

  • Free turns will be limited to one per round (see Mockingbird)
  • Stun will be brought down to 60% (see Emma Frost)

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