Friday, February 15, 2013

Marvel Avengers Alliance - New Daily PvP Lotto!

The latest patch of Marvel Avengers Alliance adds a Daily PvP Lotto that you can claim once a day for free after winning 5 PvP battles (5 Gold to Reroll).

The PvP XP bonus has been raised to 100 up from 50.

Here's what you can win from Daily PvP Lotto:

  • PvP Defensive Armory Item from last season (Heart Shaped Herb - +747 ATK, +1245 DEF)
  • PvP Offensive Armory Item from last season (HYDRA Badge - +1245 ATK, +747 DEF)
  • PvP Balanced Armory Item from last season (Dust of Death - +996 ATK, +996DEF)
  • Five Battles Challenge Points
  • 10x Gold
  • 1x Gold
  • 1x Command Point
  • 10x Command Points
  • Stark Industries Catalyst - Single Target Gun Ranged Energy - 2 round C/D
    • Customized
    • Quick Action
    • Causes Exposed
    • Causes Target Focused

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