Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Guide: Marvel Snap Vibranium Forge Event

Marvel Snap currently has a limited-time event called "Vibranium Forge" that runs through 19:59:59 PT on Monday, November 27, 2022 and can reward you with a pixel-style Ironheart avatar if you finish it.

To complete the event you'll need to "collect Vibranium from the battlefield to forge powerful items" to help defend Wakanda. Here are the basics:

- You get 1 Vibranium for every match you take part in (you don't have to win). You get an additional Vibranium if you have one of the following cards in your deck: Black Panther, Okoye, Nakia, and Ironheart. You don't have to actually play the card and you only get 1 extra Vibranium regardless of how many of the cards you have in your deck.

- You can get a maximum of 200 Vibranium per day. *IMPORTANT* You have to manually collect/bank the Vibranium each day by visiting the event page through the News section of the game. If you forget to collect it, it disappears the next day (your collected Vibranium does not disappear).

- If you unlock all four items of the event, you'll get the pixel-style Ironheart avatar within 7 days after the event is over.

- You can unlock the items in two ways: you can use 20 Vibranium to randomly forge one of the items or use 40 Vibranium to pick the item you wish to forge. You should at least randomly reforge your first item as you're sure not to get a duplicate. Additionally, if you get a duplicate item when randomly forge, you get 10 Vibranium refunded. If you don't want to take any chances, you'll need 140 Vibranium to complete the event (if you're super lucky, you'll still need at least 80 Vibranium).

Photo via Marvel Snap.

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