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Marvel Snap Patch Notes - November 29, 2022

In the November 29, 2022 Patch, Marvel Snap adds Collector's Tokens that you can trade for specific cards as well as a number of new cards and balance changes.

Here are the new cards followed by the patch notes:

Series 4 (AKA Pool 4)

  • She-Hulk [6/10] Costs 1 less for each unspent Energy last turn.
  • Titania [1/5] When ANY card is played at this location, this card switches sides.
  • Luke Cage [2/1] Ongoing: Your cards can’t have their Power reduced.
  • Absorbing Man [4/3] On Reveal: If the last card you played has an On Reveal ability, this card copies it.
  • Maria Hill [2/3] On Reveal: Add a random 1-Cost card to your hand.
  • Agent Coulson [3/4] On Reveal: Add a random 4-cost and 5-cost card to your hand.
  • Helicarrier [6/10] When you discard this from your hand, replace it with 3 random cards.
  • M'Baku [1/2] If this is in your deck at the end of the game, it leaps to a random location.
  • Attuma [4/10] If you have another card here at the end of your turn, destroy this.
  • Orka [6/9] Ongoing: +5 Power if this is your only card here.

Series 5 (AKA Pool 5)

  • Galactus [6/3] On Reveal: If this is your only card here, destroy all other locations.
  • Valkyrie [5/3] On Reveal: Set ALL cards at this location to 3 Power.
  • Super Skrull [4/2] Ongoing: Has the Ongoing effects of all enemy cards.
  • Shuri [4/2] On Reveal: Double the Power of the next card you play.
  • Bast [1/1] On Reveal: Set the Power of all cards in your hand to 3.
  • Thanos [6/8] At the start of the game, shuffle the six Infinity Stones into your deck.
    • Mind Stone [1/1] On Reveal: Draw 2 Stones from your deck.
    • Power Stone [1/3] Ongoing: If you’ve played all 6 stones, Thanos has +10 Power. (wherever he is)
    • Reality Stone [1/1] On Reveal: Transform this location into a new one. Draw a card.
    • Soul Stone [1/1] On Reveal: Draw a card. Ongoing: Enemy cards here have -1 Power.
    • Space Stone [1/1] On Reveal: Next turn you can move 1 card at this location. Draw a card.
    • Time Stone [1/1] On Reveal: Gain +1 Energy next turn. Draw a card.

November 29, 2022 Marvel Snap Patch Notes:


- NEW FEATURE: Collector’s Tokens are here! You can earn them starting at Collection Level 500, then use them in the Token Shop to target new cards or the card you’ve been waiting for most.

- NEW CARDS: A bunch of new cards have been added to the game! We’ve introduced two brand new series: Series 4 including 10 cards; and Series 5 including 6 new cards. The new cards have a chance to drop from Collector’s Caches, Collector’s Reserves, and can also be found in the Token Shop.

General Updates

- Card Boosters no longer appear as rewards from Collector’s Caches and Collector’s Reserves. (They have been replaced by Collector’s Tokens!)

- Improved bad luck protection for Collector’s Caches and Collector’s Reserves. Going forward, players at the same Collection Level will have nearly the same number of cards.

- When you “Favorite” a Card Variant (by pressing the Star button above the card), you now have the option to automatically swap that variant into all decks that contain that card.

- During a game, players can now tap their opponent’s avatar or their own avatar to view player titles in the pop-up avatar menu.

- The End Turn button is disabled for a few seconds when your opponent Snaps - this should make it harder to accidentally accept a Snap.

- Performance improvements for app launch/loading times.

- Added support for “Sign in with Apple” on PC.

Art & Visual Effects

- Infinity Border visuals have been improved. Cards upgraded to Infinity look WAY COOLER!

- Flare modifiers earned from Infinity Split now have a chance to roll one of seven different colors: red, green, blue, purple, black, white, and gold. Flare modifiers unlocked before this update will now rotate through multiple colors.

- Card Emojis have received a bit of polish to make them a little easier to use and see.

- Logos have been added to Cards & Location Power Modifiers in-game. (Tap on a card or location to see what’s modifying it!)


- New Card Sounds for:

  • Magik

- New Location Sounds for:

  • Ego
  • Central Park
  • Project Pegasus
  • The Raft 
  • Death's Domain

Balance Updates


- Angela [2/1] -> [2/0] 

Angela is a card that sees a lot of prevalence across many decks, so we’re nerfing her a bit to make other options more appealing.

- Destroyer [6/16] -> [6/15]

Destroyer is making big waves. Lowering his power by 1 will give opponents more of a chance to win the Location he’s played to.

- Mysterio [2/5] -> [2/4]

  • Mysterio has more Power than other 2-Cost cards because of how many “slots” he takes up at other  Locations. However, in many cases, those extra 2/0 Illusions end up being quite beneficial, so we’re lowering his base Power by 1.

- Sera [5/5] -> [5/4]

  • Sera is slightly too good right now, so we’re shaving a bit of Power off.

- Onslaught’s ability now stacks additively with effects like Mystique or Onslaught's Citadel rather than exponentially. 

  • When you start stacking Onslaught’s doubling effect, things get out of hand very quickly! We want to avoid situations where players are waiting for cards like Ironheart to play their animations for long stretches of time, so we’re changing the stacking to be additive instead of exponential.

- Nick Fury has been added to Series 3.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed French VO mix 

- Improved translation for many languages

- Fixed art issues on many cards

- Improved messaging when you try and log in to an older build on a different device

- Fixed a soft lock that occurred if you had not previously set a name and then the season rolled.

- Fixed an issue that caused some players to get stuck in the recruit season after the season rolled.

- Fixed an issue where the client could crash after switching languages.

- Cards drawn by White Queen no longer show out of place in your hand.

- Updated Agatha Harkness’ dialog to reference Boosters instead of Card XP

- Daredevil VFX no longer shows over the game results screen.

- Danger Room VFX should now consistently play when destroying a card.

- Kraven VFX no longer plays for you when you drag a card if Kraven is on your opponent’s side.

- Omega Red on Bar Sinister no longer has over-repeated VFX.

- Buying a variant from the Daily Offers section should no longer cause the button to be invisible on the next refresh.

- Splash screen Key Art should load properly on game launch.

- Updated purchase button UI for things like Mission Refresh to remove some text, as it was too small in most languages.

- Collector Cache/Reserve icons display properly if you focus them after earning a new card from them.

- Claimed UI now shows over Season Caches instead of underneath it.

- Star-Lord boosters should now be the correct color at the end of the game.

- Stakes will double correctly if Limbo is turned into another location on Turn 6 and ends the game.

- Electro’s ability should be properly removed when he is hit by Enchantress.

- iOS devices should no longer have a gap at the top of the Season Pass header image.

- Improved Morph’s performance when he reveals (he takes less time to “Morph” than he did).

- Improved power value icons/font on card/location detail view in-game to not be bold and blown out.

- Playing cards in quick succession should no longer show VFX from the previous cards.

- Added SFX for tapping the enemy avatar.

- Adjusted button collision on the navigation bar so there’s less overlap.

- Fixed the in-game Bug Reporter and Settings popup not showing up / handling touches properly.

- The Location, TVA, now doubles the Cube count properly on the final turn (i.e. Turn 4)

- Better communication when you have all of the  Infinity Split combinations for a card.

- [PC] Decks can be scrolled properly in full screen if you have more than 5 decks.

- [PC] Fixed an issue where the game window would reset after opening Settings then switching scenes.

Known Issues List

- Some players may experience a “Something Went Wrong” error when claiming from Collection Level. 

- Losing network connecting and reconnecting during client launch can require a client restart to connect properly.

- If you have more than 20 card backs, the card back window does not fully scroll.

- It is possible to remove cards out of order during the Deck Edit FTUE and soft lock until you restart.

- Undo Actions UI can open on top of the retreat pop-up and soft lock until you restart.

- The text “Variant” clips into the Season Pass spotlight card.

- Murderworld, Gamma Lab, and Warrior Falls have a delay when activating their abilities.

- Bar Sinister VFX does not play correctly.

- Agatha Harkness’ post-game text box UI is not displayed correctly.

- Some cards have extra textures when upgrading to Uncommon at the end of the game.

- Sort and Filter buttons are too high on some iOS devices.

- You often have to tap twice to purchase a variant from the shop.

- After Daily Offers refresh, the variant card assets can take too long to load.

- Sort and Filter UI elements can be opened at the same time.

- When favoriting a card, you are prompted to swap that card into decks even if you have that variant in all of your decks.

- If there are no bundles available, the bundle icon still appears at the top of the Shop UI and there is a little bit of empty space.

- Closing the bundle preview window for individual items can take you back to the shop page instead of the bundle preview window.

- If you are on the shop screen when countdowns for refreshes are ending, the countdown can go into negative values for a couple of seconds before refreshing.

- The tappable area to preview a card in the Token Shop is too small.

- The purchase and cancel buttons are too close together on the Token purchase screen.

- The Token Shop help button can be difficult to tap.

- Some of the Token/Bundle UI elements scroll up/down too far as you scroll the shop up/down.

- You may see an incorrect warning for the Credit cap when you hit it.

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