Saturday, November 26, 2011

Forsaken World: Gem Reforge Guide

With the Storm of Wars patch to Forsaken World, a new feature introduced was the Gem Reforge.

Basically with Gem Reforge, you can take one gem and change it randomly to another (or the same). This is best done with bound gems as the resulting gem will be bound.

How to Receive a Gem Reforge

You can store up to five gem reforges per character and the number of gem reforges you have stored are shown on the "Devotion" tab of the Shylia Market:
You receive one Gem Reforge for each consecutive daily login starting at three days of logging in.

You can only get one reforge per day but you can use up to 5.

How to Use Gem Reforge

To use your Gem Reforges, take an unwanted gem (preferably bound) to Christer (shown above) near the Magic Fountain in Freedom Harbor.

Speak to him and select "Gem Reforge:"
Put your gem in the box and click to reforge and good luck! You can guarantee a different gem by having  a VIP card.

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