Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Forsaken World: Intro to the Immortal Rift, Part One - The Basics

The Immortal Rift is a weekly guild versus guild PvP instance introduced in Forsaken World's Storms of War patch.
Entering the Rift

Rift battles take place on Saturday with 100 v 100 (One Star battlefields) at 2000 server time, 60 v 60 (Two Star battlefields) at 2100, and 30 v 30 at 2200 (Three Star battlefields).

Once the designated time begins, you can enter your guild's rift by speaking to Leonidas. Once you talk to Leonidas, find your guild's battlefield from his list and click "Enter."

Once inside the instance, you can buy a 1-hour Combat License III for 5 soul gold to fight mounted in the rift.

You can also get a quest to gather red crystals that spawn randomly in the center area of the instance map.

Winning the Rift (Basics)

Each guild will have a base at opposite ends from each other. Offense (Red) starts on the left side and Defense (Blue) starts on the right. If there is a tie Defense wins.

Each base begins with a durability level that starts at the same value. The goal is to power your laser and "pew pew" the other side's base to zero.

How do you power your laser? With crystals!

How do you get crystals? There are three ways to get crystals:

1. Capture a Mine. There are four mines in the center of the map. You can capture them by staying in the area of the mine for a certain amount of time. The more players you have the quicker the mine will cap. Once the mine is captured, it will automatically generate crystals for your side.

2. Run Carts. There are two refineries at the top and bottom of the map. You can capture them in the same fashion as the mines. However, they do not automatically generate crystals. Instead, once a refinery is captured, crystal carts will automatically spawn. You can click on the cart which will let you drive one.

The carts move rather slow but have a speed boost they can use to go faster for a few seconds. The carts need to be driven to an NPC down in the valley from the refinery and then to your base to generate crystals.

3. Grab Rare Crystal Spawns. Red crystal nodes (cryolite) will spawn randomly in the middle valley on the map. You can grab them and bring them back to base where an NPC will have a quest to receive them and reward you with 50s soul gold.

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