Sunday, November 20, 2011

Forsaken World: Intro to the Immortal Rift, Part Two - Rewards

So why participate in the Immortal Rift? For the glory of your guild! No? How about a lot of EXP, some contribution, merit, a little bit of soul gold, and a lot more exp?

You also get a lot of gold for your guild's reserve fund (transferable to your guild's maintenance fund) for getting a high rank for the week as well as other rewards.

Here are the basics:


For just participating in the Immortal Rift, you get a lot of EXP (varies with lvl, ~42M at 79), 20 contribution, and 20 merit as well as 10g soul gold at the instance's conclusion.

Guild Rewards/Divinity Ranking

There are also rewards based on your guild's weekly divinity ranking. Ranking is split up by Deities (i.e. Ignet, Aeroses, and Hydrus), so even if you lose your war(s), you can still be ranked #1 under your statue and get the best reward.

Guild rewards are distributed every Saturday at 23:05.
The guild with the highest ranking for their statue (this means 3 guilds will have the #1 ranking) receives 7D to their Reserve and 700 contribution.

Second place gets 5.5D and 550 contribution.

From there, it decreases by 50g and 50 contribution until rank 10 where the incremental decrease is reduced to 5g and 5 contribution.

Member Rewards

In addition to Guild Rewards, the guild leader of participating guilds also receives Member Rewards that he/she can distribute to anyone:
These rewards can be obtained from the the appropriate Guild Ambassador NPC flanking your guild's Statue anytime after 23:05 on Saturday. Please be aware that activating the reward will set off the 8-hour cooldown timer for your Guild Exorcism and Campfire and vice versa.

The [Combat] Mammoth is bound to the guild leader and good for 7 days. If you see someone on an elephant, he or she is the leader of one of the guild's ranked #1 for the week.

Leader Honor Emblems are also bound to the guild leader. They can be traded for two things at the time of this writing: a Base Relocation tool for 4 Emblems and a [Combat] Lord Mammoth for 10 Emblems.

The Base Relocation Tool allows the guild leader to relocate as well as rename your base while the [Combat] Lord Mammoth is a 30-Day, 155% speed, aquatic mount bound to your guild leader. The guild leader can find these items for exchange at the Guild Supplies Agent.

Mounted Combat License IIIs allow you to perform combat actions on your mount in Immortal Rift as well as outside of instances. They are tradeable and good for 30 days. They are not auction-able currently.

Amethyst and Sapphire Crystals are tradeable, auction-able, and can be exchanged for various re-ID scrolls.

Guild Base Distributor

The last reward available at the same time your guild leader retrieves the Member Rewards is the Reward Distributor:
This NPC appears in front of your guild's statue for no longer than 30 minutes after the guild leader has acquired the guild's Member Rewards. The NPC has a quest available to any guild member that will grant a variable amount of level-appropriate potions (your choice of health or mana) depending on your guild's rank.  In addition to potions, the Rewards Distributor will also grant a 30-minute buff that will grant you up to 10-minutes of level-tiered EXP gain (~3.2M per minute at level 79).

And that's the basics of Immortal Rift Rewards for you. Till next time!

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