Monday, November 7, 2011

Forsaken World: A Guide to the Guild Base Exorcism

Teleport NPCs will appear next to this guy.
The Guild Base Exorcism is an instanced event in Forsaken World introduced in the Storms of War patch.

By participating in your own guild's Base Exorcism, you can help contribute to guild funds as well as a lot of EXP. You can participate in multiple Exorcisms but will only get EXP for one a week.

Once a guild officer has initiated the event, a 15-minute entry period starts where two NPC teleporters that will appear next to the Base Event Manager that any player may use to enter the instance. You are registered for the event simply by entering the instance.

There are two NPCs because one is for non-guild participants (costs 10 silver and is on the left) and one is for guild participants (free and is on the right).

Once the 15-minute entry period is over, the event starts with Phase 1 (there are 4 phases total)


In Phase 1, three altars appear at the opposite end of the teleporter exit (they are labeled "Pure", "Holy", and "Fire") and three corresponding pylons appear at the side closest the teleporter exit opposite the altars.

For this phase, players have to click on the altars and run back to the corresponding pylon. Upon clicking the altars, a non-killable Chaotic Soul will spawn and chase and attack you until you run to the corresponding pylon. Each pylon has an aura that will heal your health very quickly.

Each run will yield a good amount of EXP and 1s silver to the guild up to a certain limit.

The amount of runs necessary to complete this phase vary with the amount of players but ranges from 100 to 500 per pylon. More players will increase the amount of runs needed.

Once this phase complete, presents will appear on the ground, you'll need to pick one up to finish your Phase 1 quest and get exp.


Phase 2 is pretty simple. Two rows of soul traps will appear (they look like little metal raised buttons) and you just have to click on them repeatedly to finish their construction.

Once this phase completes, presents will again appear which you will need to click on to complete your Phase 2 quest and gain exp.


During Phase 3, non-level Chaotic Souls will spawn and attack the Soul Traps. The Instance Boss will spawn as well but is invulnerable in this phase.

The Boss will chase a player in the instance. That player will gain the Exorcism skill which can redirect the boss to a different player.

All you have to do (besides run away from the boss if he's targeting you) is kill the Chaotic Souls. They only take 1 dmg per hit so auto-hit away.

As you kill each mob, a number will appear on your screen indicating how much "Soul Power" is left and you will gain EXP. This number basically tells you how many more the group has to kill to complete Phase 3. If the boss catches a player though they will be momentarily stunned and the number of kills you need will go up.

Once you've killed enough mobs, Phase 3 will end. Presents will appear. Grabs present to complete Phase 3 quest. On to Phase 4.


Phase 4 is a basic tank and spank... except with lasers! Just keep your tank alive, have people man the lasers/soul traps, and the rest attack the boss.

The soul traps can fire three types of laser beams: Fire,  Holy, and Pure. Fire will do damage to the boss, Holy will reduce his attack, and Pure will reduce his shield (increasing the damage he takes). Holy and Pure stack up to 20.

Once you beat the boss, the instance is complete and you'll collect quite a bit of exp as well as contributing to your guild's funds (if you did the Exorcism at your guild anyway).

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