Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Psylocke Bug Fixes

They recently patched Marvel Avengers Alliance to fix some of the bugs with Psylocke; the most notable change being that her Psychic Scanning now deals damage instead of just applying Migraine.

Here are the fixes:

Psylocke Bug Fixes
  • Psychic Scanning now deals damage instead of causing Migraine, this means Psylocke may defeat an opponent before they attack
  • Psionic Shadow should be consumed properly when using Shadow Strike or Shadow Guard abilities
  • Kinetic Shield does not grant a shield on cast, but still grants Predictive Shielding to shield the ally preemptively
  • Psychic Knives Tooltip has been fixed
  • Psychic Lock increases the cooldown to the next attack used by the enemy instead of locking out particular types of moves

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