Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Unlocking Magneto for Spec Ops 6

To unlock Magneto during Spec Ops for of Marvel Avengers Alliance you need to collect 8 comic book covers which you can get from unlocking Lockboxes.

How to get Lockboxes - Lockboxes can get bought at 1 gold each, but they can also be awarded from Spec Ops 6 deploys and from Spec Ops 6 Boss lottos
Here's the Crappy part - While you can guarantee that you'll receive a comic book cover by trading in 10 lockboxes (or try your luck by opening one box at a time for a 7% chance of gaining a comic book cover), it is possible to get the same covers that you've already collected which makes the task a bit more daunting. If you get the same cover, you gain 10000 Silver instead.

You can also gain lock boxes by completing the Master of Magnetism Sidequests Tasks. I've listed them below. You'll notice that the skip costs will run you more than actually buying an equal amount of boxes to the reward (i.e. don't pay gold to skip). The sidequests don't appear until after you complete Task 7 of the Spec Ops 6 Tasks.

Master of Magnetism Sidequest Tasks

These are optional tasks to help you obtain more lockboxes. Completing all of them will not unlock Magneto; only collecting all 8 comic book covers will.

1. No Mercy: Defeat 10 Hellfire Club Soldiers - Hellfire Club soldiers are the best mercenaries that money can buy. They can be found in Mission 1.
  • Cost to Skip: 15 gold
  • Reward: 8 Lockboxes 

2. Brotherhood Hunt: Defeat 5 Mutants - Toad, Blob, Juggernaut, Sabretooth, Dragoness, Mystique, and the Living Pharaoh are all mutants (can be completed in normal missions. Defeating Magneto counts too!).
  • Cost to Skip: 15 gold
  • Reward: 8 Lockboxes 

3. End of the Pharaoh: Defeat the Living Pharaoh - The Living Pharaoh is the Epic Boss of Mission 2. HINT: Participate in Deploys as soon as they appear. (You need both Nightcrawler and Phoenix for deploys to unlock the Epic Boss)
  • Cost to Skip: 30 gold
  • Reward: 16 Lockboxes 
4. Bot Buster: Defeat 15 Sentinels - Sentinels are built for destroying mutants. They can be found in Mission 2: Brotherhood In Arms (can be completed in normal missions).
  • Cost to Skip: 20 gold
  • Reward: 8 Lockboxes 

5. Green and Mean: Defeat Green Goblin - Green Goblin is the Epic Boss in Mission 3. HINT: Participate in Deploys as soon as they appear. (You'll need Deadpool and Tygra for specific deploys to unlock him)
  • Cost to Skip: 40 gold
  • Reward: 16 Lockboxes 

6. Completionist: Complete 4 Stars of Mastery in all Spec Ops 6 Missions - Complete missions to add points to your cumulative score. Achieve a high enough score to earn a new Mastery Star.
  • Cost to Skip: 50 gold
  • Reward: 32 Lockboxes

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