Thursday, January 10, 2013

Marvel Avengers Alliance: PvP Season 4 Patch Notes

With PvP Season 3 barely behind us, Playdom kicks off PvP Season 4 of Marvel Avenger's Alliance.

The hero up for grabs this time is the Punisher!

Check out the patch notes below:

PVP Season 4
  • Rewards
  • Silver League - 100,000 silver!
  • Gold League - 10 gold!
  • Diamond League - Army of One
    • Customized
    • Splash Damage - Deals additional damage to all enemies
    • Target Acquired - Guaranteed Crits against Weakened targets
    • Burning - Applies Burning to all enemies
    • Weakened - Attack reduced by 25%
    • Exposed - Defense reduced by 25%
  • Vibranium League - Blueprint: Blaster’s Power Armor
    • A research for characters level 60 and above unlocks the Blaster’s Power Armor
    • This is a trenchcoat-style uniform with 8 sockets that confers the Blaster class
    • Grants Reflexive Flash
      • Causes Blind and Migraine to attackers when attacked
  • Adamantium League - Punisher
    • Class: Generalist
    • Punisher is prepared for everything, and that means having a weapon for every job. By accessing his walking arsenal, Punisher can change to any class -- even Generalist.
    • Each time Punisher changes class, he gains access to a new weapon and grenade attack, as well as a different passive appropriate to that class.
    • Punisher is something of a lone wolf, so don’t expect much in terms of team play from him.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Counter-attacks from the Knight, Blade of the Guardian, Fury, and Quicksilver’s Quickness
  • Human Torch’s Ring of Fire and Plasma Body now correctly trigger
  • Fixed issues that would cause timeout errors during PVP
  • Fixed an issue where Hemorrhage (Bleeding) would trigger multiple times on the same Hemorrhaging Attack (Tigra’s Swipe attack)

Known Issues

We are aware that a recent patch last week caused Counter-attacks from certain weapons and items to stop functioning correctly. We apologize for how this might have negatively impacted players’ strategies near the end of the tournament. These issues have since been fixed.

We are aware there are some issues with the new functionality associated with Psylocke, namely her preemptive counters and psychic lock abilities. A fix for these abilities is being worked on and will be released in a future patch.

We are currently aware of a couple of issues with Cable, and we are actively working to get these issues resolved.



Not too much going on with the patch notes. Just some bug fixes. Nothing major.

Even for casual players, Army of One (Diamond League reward) is worth striving for. It's a bit like the Rocket Pistol in adding burning (but not bleeding) to your enemy's entire party and deals splash damage.

Even if you don't end up using it, it's good for a PvP Armory bonus of 1100 attack / 1100 defense (especially nice for us free players) if you slot it.


  1. If you have less than level 60 and you get the blaster power armor research can you keep it till you reach level 60?

    1. Yup. It's actually research so you can even buy multiples.