Thursday, December 8, 2022

Marvel Snap: Beginner's Guide - Farming Boosters

Boosters are points that are required to upgrade your cards/characters in Marvel Snap (which increases your Collection level) and there are several ways to get/farm Boosters in Marvel Snap:

- Playing matches - You get one Booster per round played (up to six per match and a maximum of 1,000 per day) of a random card in the deck you played. That means if you or your opponent retreats, you'll get the number of Boosters coinciding with the round that you're on.

- Season Pass - You get Boosters of the featured (if you paid for the Premium) and random characters (free) at select tiers of each Season Pass.

- Increasing your Collection - Yes, you need Boosters to raise your Collection level which, in turn, gets you more cards, Credits, and Boosters.

- Fast Upgrade (not recommended as Credits are a key limiting factor in the game) - Boosters of the three featured cards in the "Fast Upgrade" section of the game can be purchased for 5 Credits each (but you have to have enough Credits to buy the Booster plus pay for the upgrade cost). The featured cards rotate every 8 hours.

Photo via Marvel Snap.

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