Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Guide: Marvel Snap "Hype the Hero!" Event

Marvel Snap's latest event is called "Hype the Hero!" It's similar to previous events where you need to play matches to earn points (in the form of items--in this case, to earn "Records") and hit certain milestones with certain point totals to earn rewards. This time around, it's a collective effort of all players rather than an individual effort.

Here's what you should know:

  • 1 Cube = 1 Record (if you don't care about your rank, just keep Snapping each game to maximize Record collecting)
  • Each player can earn a max of 100 Records per day (you need to actually go to the event page and press the button to collect your records each day or they disappear at reset of each day).
  • Having at least one of select cards can get you double Records per Cube earned. The cards for each week are as follows:
    • Week 1 - Gambit and Rogue (I don't have either. Boo!)
    • Week 2 - Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic, and Doctor Doom
    • Week 3 - Spider-Man and Sandman
    • Week 4 - Angela and Sera
  • The event runs through January 6, 2023 (UTC 0)
  • As a collective group, 10M records submitted unlocks 100 Gold; 20M unlocks 150 Credits; 30M unlocks 200 Gold; and 40M unlocks a new Storm Avatar.
Photo via Marvel Snap.

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