Friday, December 23, 2022

Marvel Snap Winterverse Variant Exclusives

During Marvel Snap's 14-Day Winterverse promotion, which runs through January 3, 2023, they've added five new Winterverse card variants that are only available during the event (no word on whether they'll be available again next year or during some other promotion).

The only way you can currently get one of the Winterverse variants is by lucking out when you open a Collector's Reserve, which is only available starting at Collector Level 1006 (which isn't very helpful if you started playing recently) and replace Collector's Caches at that point (it's unclear what the drop rate is but I haven't gotten one in four Collector's Caches so far, although I did Yellowjacket and a Mystique variant).

The five Winterverse variants available during the event include:

  • Winterverse Abomination
  • Winterverse Ebony Maw
  • Winterverse Patriot
  • Winterverse Rockslide
  • Winterverse Rogue
Rogue and Patriot are especially nice to have if you haven't gotten them yet.

Photo via Marvel Snap.

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